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Re: Intention to package 'typist'

On Mon, 10 Nov 1997, Topi Miettinen wrote:
> Ben Armstrong writes:
> > I'm announcing my intention to package 'typist', a simple curses-based
> > typing tutor.  OK, well, not my intention actually ... I've already done
> > it. :)  But policy says I should announce my intention, so there, I've
> > done it.
> You might want to check:
> ftp://ftp.jp.debian.org/pub/Linux/debian-jp/hamm-jp/non-free/source/misc/typist_2.0-1.dsc
> I wish Japanese and mainstream distributions were merged. Something a 
> Project Leader could try?
> -Topi

This is most interesting.  It is, indeed, a descendant of the same typist
program originally written by penneyj@SLC.COM (D. Jason Penney)  that I am
working on packaging.  However, it seems to now have branched off into a
Japanese version that has a revision history spanning all of the way back
to 1992.  The revision history indicates some enhancements were made which
contain things other than just straight support of the Japanese language
(like support for key-click).

One thing about the Japanese package I noticed is that there is a
copyright which appears thusly: 


	Copyright (c) 1992, 1994, 1997  Takeshi Ogihara

This is followed by some Japanese text which I cannot read.  But nowhere
in the English language in the copyright is the original author mentioned
(though granted, the README.orig, which attributes the work to the
original author is, in fact, included in the doc directory).  Perhaps it
is in Japanese, however.  

I wrote the author (D. Jason Penney) recently and asked for permission to
have this package GPL'd.  If the Japanese package doesn't have any such
directive from the original author, I'd be glad to provide a copy of the
message from my package. 

In any event, I am unsure of how to proceed from here with my package. 
There is a def in typist.h: 

#define  JPN            1       /* Japanese MODE (don't remove) */

It is clear that Japanese was intended to be supported as a MODE, but if I
remove this #define, not all things work properly.  Some of the original
dialog re-appears in English, but all new dialog is Japanese-only.  In its
current form, the Japanese source code cannot be used for the English

I'm wondering if Ishida Takashi, the Japanese maintainer, could rename the
package to typist-jp.  For this purpose, I've cc'd Ishida on this message.
This would at least allow me to place my package into the main
distribution without a name clash with the japanese package.

Also, it would be good if we could work towards maintaining a single
source, as some of the enhancements in the Japanese version may be useful
for the English version as well.  But I suppose that is something to take
up with the upstream maintainer, and not the Debian package maintainer.


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