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Re: Manifesto for the Debian Project leadership election - Ian Jackson

>>"Bruce" == Bruce Perens <bruce@debian.org> writes:

Bruce> Manoj:
>> I wish that bruce had actually presented us with another yes/no
>> option in that case too, since I really like the xearth proposal.

Bruce> Run the proposal by me again, please.

	Ok. Here's what I think happened.

 a) Susan started collecting data and created an xearth file, which
    recieved general approval; but there was concern about loss of
    privacy for people. There was also a proposal by (I think) Jim
    Pick about having a generic maintainer database, of which the
    xearth file would be a part. 

 b) A few months later, there was an effort to revive this, with
    initially just the xearth file, to get started. We went forth with
    a lot of enthusiasm, but had not really thought about licencing
    issues (bad move). Initially, two options were offered for the
    location data. i) private to debian maintainers only, and ii) GPL
    (in hindsight, this last was possibly ill chosen ;-)

 c) Some people objected to the mutability of the data implied by the
    GPL, and I created a licence based on the GPL but forbidding
    changes to the data (I tried to make it possible to reformat or
    translate the data, but prevent modification and use in spam mail)
 d) People who had agreed to the GPL felt cheated, and objected to the
    GPL based non-mutability licence, since this would be non
    DFSG. Debate raged for eons ;-)

 e) You suggested distributing the data under the same licence the GPL
    is distributed under. This again raises the spectre of the report
    not being translatable, and not being reformatted for use with
    other programs than xearth, etc. etc.

 f) People pointed out thet the GPL was not valid for this kind of
    data, and that full sources could not be distributed in the
    preferred form (most suited for modifying) since there was private
    data in the database, etc etc.

 g) People came up and said that this data was not copyrightable in
    the forst place, and licences, GPL or otherwise, were
    irrelevant. We need a lawyer to tell us if that indeed is the

	This is where matters rest.

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