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Lost Account/Password

Some time ago someone offered accounts for Developers who wanted
to port their packages to the new libc6. I forgot his e-mail address
(as well as my password in his machine). So if you (the maintainer 
of that machine) are reading this, please contact me.

	Besides that, I have lost my account password in the master site,
could someone help me on that also?

				Thank you.

                                        |\/| /\ ( /\ |\|
P.S. I hope the other hundreds of people who received this forgive me
     for this posting to the developers' list.

  +---Eduardo-Marcel-Macan---+   these opinions 
 /  macan@cfd.unimed.com.br /   are mine, not   /  ,,umop apisdn w,I,, 
+--------------------------+   my employer's   +-----------------------+

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