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Re: Meaning of `source code'

Bruce Perens wrote:
  >From: "Oliver Elphick" <olly@lfix.co.uk>
  >> To compound the confusion, the developers have put it under the GPL!
  >Please send them a polite request for the source code in Eiffel form.
  >Do not say anything about the GPL just yet. Tell me what they say, or
  >if they do not respond. They may simply have thought that was the best
  >way to distribute the program.
  >Under the GPL they are obligated to give you the Eiffel source if you
  >request it and you have already received the program in the form of the
  >intermediate C code. The GPL is quite clear on that. However, I would not
  >dream of telling them what they are obligated to do until they have first
  >declined a polite request.

I have asked them, but they do not want to distribute the Eiffel code. 
I think they have dreams of making a parallel commercial distribution.

Although the GPL gives the right to the ultimate source, it is only
enforceable by the original author; so that's a dead end, isn't it?

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