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PnP for Debian - call for volunteers

Note: This would probably be more on-topic to linux-kernel than to
debian-devel, but linux-kernel is just too high traffic for me, and
I would like to get this done properly packaged and the integration
into Debian may be hard, so it's right to do it properly from the

For quite some time now, as some of you may know, I have maintained
a basic simple PnP ISA "hack" for the Linux kernel. I recently expanded
this to include full PnP support, which Alan Cox has emailed me to say
he wants to get into the kernel as soon as possible.

Since it would be really cool to get proper Plug'n'Play support into the
next release of Debian (particularly on the boot disks), and I can't get
it completed all on my own, I am calling for volunteers to help get the
thing completely finished and fully tested. Mainly, I'm looking for help
with userland code (and eventually Debian packaging). It will probably
need some integration with Debian's sysvinit as well.

The thing is written entirely in GNU C (using a couple of extensions).

The things I will need help with coding are:-

	* PnP BIOS support (kernel)
	* Userland configuration utility/daemon
	* Debugging/partial rewriting of resource mgmt code

I would also like ideas on a decent featureset which is needed. The current
support available is:-

	* PnP ISA
	* Drivers for "Legacy cards" supporting softconfig can allow the
	  cards to be configured via PnP.
	* Full driver registration - PnP calls the driver about the card
	* Full module-support - PnP ISA can be installed as a module
	* Kernel-to-userland configuration interface

I am aware that there are other PnP efforts out there, but as far as I know,
mine is the one which works the best.

It might be a good idea to create a mailing list @debian.org for the
development of this, but I'd like to discuss this first.


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