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Re: PostgreSQL

Niku Kaitaniemi wrote:
  >Okay, it's been a while since the latest PostgreSQL discussion, so what's
  >the status? Is there a maintainer? Who? Is there going to be a package?

The official maintainer, Siggy Bentrup, has not responded to my recent
email asking whether he is still active.

I am trying to resolve the problems related to use of libc6 (glibc2)
which breaks date and timezone handling in PostgreSQL. There are a few
other problems, related, I think, to the handling of floats in libc6.

Once these are sorted out, I will package the result for unstable.

As part of the exercise, I will build a 6.2.1 version for libc5 so that
I can compare the two.  I will make that available when it is done.

Mario Filipe <mjnf@neptuno.uevora.pt> has, I think, a libc5 version of 6.2;
check with him.

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