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Re: PostgreSQL

Mario Filipe wrote:
  >On Fri, 10 Oct 1997, Oliver Elphick wrote:
  >> Have you compiled it for libc6?
  >	Actually...No! I didn't even know there was such a beast until
  >today (when I started getting the debian lists). 
  >> Does your compilation pass all the regression tests?
  >	Yes, except abstime and reltime (something to do with timezones
  >and epoch)! (But it doesn't matter does it ?) 

With libc5, it's OK; the differences are probably because you didn't set
the timezone for the postmaster before you ran the tests.  With libc6
there are unexplained problems - I mean bugs - that need to be sorted out;
and a new Debian package ought to be libc6-based.

  >> There will be a problem with handling the update of users from postgres95
  >> to postgresql, because the database must be dumped and reloaded.  There wa
  >> discussion about this a couple of months back.  This was the last I heard 
  >> Siggy Bentrup who is the current maintainer (not Emanuele as listed in
  >> the postgres95 package).
  >	Exactly... The problem is that it has to be dumped by pg95,
  >reloaded through a previous version (pg 6.0 i think) redump it and then
  >reload it ... This is a major problem... But i'll check with th e people
  >at postgresql.

I think that dumping it from 1.09 is sufficient, but do check.

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