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Re: Safe to force libc5_5.4.33-6.deb on stable system with libc6?

I don't see any reason it shouldn't install with --force-conflicts.  In
fact, I don't see why it needs to conflict with libc6.  libc5-dev needs to
conflict with libc6-dev, but I didn't check it they got that right.

Scott K. Ellis <storm@gate.net>                 http://www.gate.net/~storm/

On Fri, 10 Oct 1997, Jim Pick wrote:

> I've got a stable system on which I installed a few libc6 apps.
> Now with the latest stable update, there is a new libc5_5.4.33-6 package --
> but it conflicts with libc6.  
> The libc5_5.4.33-7 package out of unstable conflicts with libc5-dev, so I
> don't want to install that (otherwise I'll end up upgrading a whole bunch
> of stuff on my stable system, and then it won't really be a stable system
> anymore).
> I was wondering if there was a _real_ reason that libc5_5.4.33-6 conflicts
> with libc6 -- or can I can safely install it using --force-depends or
> --force-conflicts?

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