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Re: problem with font policy

Hmm... Maybe this discussion belongs to "debian-policy", and not
"debian-devel" ?

Remco Blaakmeer writes:
 > On Mon, 6 Oct 1997, Lawrence wrote:
 > > Manong Dibos wrote:
 > > > As of current, when a new font package is installed, the list of new fonts
 > > > that it provides is not propagated to the place in the system where such
 > > > information is usually kept.
 > > > 
 > > > In practicaly terms, this means that even though I have xfnt100 installed,
 > > > netscape does'nt see the helvetica fonts that it really wants.  Im sure
 > > > there are others with related problems out there.

Q: where do Netscape look for its font menu ?

 > > > Could it be made policy that installing a font package will make these
 > > > fonts be registered so that they are accessible through the font server by
 > > > default?  Are there any problems with such a scheme?

It seems a good idea.

 > > I think I have filed a bug report for xfnt100 not updating
 > > /etc/X11/XF86Config.
 > And what about /etc/X11/xfs/config? A 'killall -USR1 xfs' in the postinst
 > script would also be nice.

It probably depends:

* I guess that people running xfs do not need their XF86Config to be
updated, as they _probably_use_ xfs.

=> Q: is there a good way of finding out if xfs or xserver is used as
	a font-server ?  Maybe if XF86Config only contains paths to
	font-servers ?

* People may want to switch from xserver to xfs.  This can easily be
	automated for the machine running xfs with xfs maintainer
	scripts (and may be done already), but what about the
	other machines ?  Maybe we need a program/script in xbase to
	switch to xfs ?

* People may want to switch from xfs to xserver, eg when taking a
	machine out of a network.  It probably should be handled
	together with the previous point.

* We may have only one external (ie. not in xerver's) font-server for
	now, but I guess this can change (eg. I think I've heard about
	Caldera having developped a font-server by themselves). They
	will probably use different config-files, as would do
	*several* xfs (eg. one per encoding: latin1, latin2...).

=> Maybe we should have a way of specifying when a font-package gets
	installed which font-server will handle it, with different
	conffiles to choose from, each of which could have a different
	syntax.  Maybe a mechanism such as the 'menu' system has could
	be worked out for this (ie. both per-fontserver-package and
	per-font-package conffiles/scripts)

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