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Re: Summary of Package Overlaps

On Wed, 24 Sep 1997, Richard Braakman wrote:

> One of the release requirements for 2.0 is that the --force-overwrite
> flag for dpkg can be turned off by default.  This means that there
> should be no problematic overlaps between packages in the main
> distribution.  To help achieve that, I have decided to post a
> summary of package overlaps every week.
> This version of the summary is based on
>          hamm/Contents from 1997-09-22/17:25 (GMT)
>          hamm/main/Packages from 1997-09-22/12:48 (GMT)
>          hamm/non-free/Packages from 1997-09-19/12:55 (GMT)
>          hamm/contrib/Packages from 1997-09-11/12:30 (GMT)

	I don't think this is enough; it should be checked against
packages in `bo' too.

	For example, when someone is using bo, and wants to change to
hamm, he could install a package that overwrites a file present in bo
but not in hamm.  For example:

root@gizmo:/# grep usr/man/man3/regexp.3.gz /debian/bo/Contents-i386
usr/man/man3/regexp.3.gz                                     text/xless,devel/linux86
root@gizmo:/# grep usr/man/man3/regexp.3.gz /debian/hamm/Contents-i386
usr/man/man3/regexp.3.gz                                     text/xless

	But the `xless' in hamm doesn't conflict with the linux86 in bo.

Juan Cespedes

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