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Re: kde and files location

Gerald John Lapeyre, Jr. wrote:
> On Fri, 19 Sep 1997, Manong Dibos wrote:
> > I agree to keep packages from
> > the main distribution out of /opt and /usr/local. 
> > But how about packages in non-free and contrib?
>       Part of the reason for the separation, is to keep site-specific
> stuff well localized, so that  the rest can be restored only by using
> stuff from the Debain ftp sites.  This reduces the size of the local
> admin's backup task.

Yes, and also that if _only_ the OS distributor (debian in our case)
installs under /usr , then he can say precisely what size to use to
create a /usr partition (with /usr/local separate) without wasting
diskspace trying to avoid the "/usr full" problem.

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