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Re: Uploaded kernel-package 3.38 (source all) to master

Nobody joined the discussion about the kernel package, so they all seem
to perfectly have the same opinion about it (if not, get your hands on
the keyboard and write).

Maybe the idea mentioned earlier in this thread should be done and a new
package be uploaded soon.

The idea was to have the kernel package work for all systems debian runs
on bye: (Correct me if I'm wrong)

- Adding all arch specific files and patches of each arch to the package
- Makeing a diff for all changes to common files or files from different
- Make a Package from the source and the diffs
- Have the diff for the arch aplied to the source during installation
( - have a command to remove a diff or add a diff to the source [make
m68kdiff or make m68kundiff )

May the Source be with you.

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