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Re: FTP site organization

Brian White <bcwhite@verisim.com> writes:

This sounds like an excellent idea.  A couple of thoughts:

> really the problem anyway, so long as they will also fit into the
> proposed logical structure.  My problems stem mostly from what
> "Filename:" value is in the "Packages" file.
> - All "Packages" files will give the "Filename:" field relative start with
>   "dists/...".

Why not start the Filename: as relative to the directory from which
the Package file comes from.  Then downloaders can do something like:
and then get

for the files they require.

> [2] this directory will be empty in most places, but provides a convient
>     "mount-point" for those who combine the distributions elsewhere

What about other <what are we calling these things: non-free/non-us
etc>, why do we need the mount-point on the main server (although it
can usefully contain a README explaing the problems)?


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