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Re: trouble making a package

On 11 Sep 1997, Karl M. Hegbloom wrote:

>  I snagged a copy, and tried it out.  `clisp' is a lot faster than
> CMU-CL, is one thing I noticed.  But it doesn't work in XEmacs
> `ilisp', with or without the `-I' option.  Also, the CLX demo's won't
> compile.  Can you make us an image that includes CLX?  I want to try

When you "snagged" a copy,  was it out of incoming,  or did you compile it
yourself?  To the best of my knowledge,  the CLX extensions in clisp work
ok.  You might want to note that I've been using the new-Clx package,
coded in C,  rather than the original mit-CLX package.  This was
suggested to me by the author of clisp,  Bruno Haible (it's faster).  I
haven't had a chance to use it yet with X,  so if it turns out to be
unuseable,  I'll start using the mit-CLX package instead.  
	Right now I'm having trouble locating the Xlib package,  soon as
I find it I'll let you know. 

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