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Re: ANNOUNCE: New list for implementing our Documentation policy [was Re: Intention to re-write /usr/sbin/install-info

On Thu, 11 Sep 1997, joost witteveen wrote:

> > suggest to use the new mailing list
> > 
> > 	debian-devel-topic-1@lists.debian.org
> > 
> > The list has already been set up, so everyone can subscribe.
> > Topics:
> > 	- Debian Documentation Policy Manual
> > 	- doc-base package
> > 	- install-info
> > 	- ...
> What's wrong with the already existing debian-policy list?
> I probably am missing something here, but it seems to me that
> debian-devel-topic-1 is reather closely related to
> debian-policy -- what's the big difference?

In my understanding, debian-policy is for discussion policy issues.
However, the documentation policy has already been discussed. The
discussion I want to start will cover the _implementation_ of the doc

As this is a very specialized topic, I'm think there will only be a few
people intrested. Why are you against the use of "debian-devel-topic-1"
for such specialized topics? (The list has been set up already.)



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