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Re: Some ideas and concerns regarding fakeroot

joost witteveen wrote:
> Well, OK, I'll change the foo example:
>   if test -x /bin/perl; then
>     echo "#!/bin/perl" > $PERLSCRIPT
>   else
>     if test -x /usr/bin/perl; then
>       echo "#!/bin/perl" > $PERLSCRIPT
>     fi
>   fi
>   echo 'U(NF($&*#@K$UP(@)(FN@(#*nf83498O*#U<<(0834.>>??u980r4>' >>$PERLSCRIPT
> Now, do you still want   stat(file living in /, but not in VIRTUAL_ROOT/)
> to always return "no such file or dir"?

What if the user has no perl installed? It will break then and as much
as stat is concerned with fakeroot you have no perl installed. Therefore
it breaks. The script should ask for the path to perl or exit with an
error 'Can't find perl', which isn't nice. I don't think we should think
to much about problems that come from broken install files. It's like
leaving out CC=cc in a Makefile and assumeing that the user has a cc on
his system.

I don't say we shouldn't think about it at all, but it should not
concern us to much if broken thinks break. No matter how good and tricky
we programm anything there will be someone who is even more foolish and
breaks it.

May the System be with you.

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