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Re: /bin/sh - /bin/bash

> > debstd already does take existing maintainer scripts and accepts their
> > idea of what the shell should be.
> So there is absolutely no need to force #!/bin/bash in the general case if
> we can tell debstd exactly which ones *need* to be #!/bin/bash.

debstd forces nothing. You can configure you own shell for each script if
you want. If you did not do so then debstd will default to /bin/bash.
There are scores and scores of scripts and makefiles that break horribly
if /bin/sh is ash or a bourne shell.

> The only problem I see here is that you seem to dislike the "bug
> report method" I proposed.

I do not remember you talking about a bug report method.

> Think about this: We may need the information about the scripts needing
> #!/bin/bash at some time. If we make them all #!/bin/bash, we lose this
> information.

We lose information? I'd say we make sure that the scripts work in case
someone decides to run ash as /bin/sh.

> IMHO, "just in case" is not a valid reason to bypass a GNU standard.

I hear the argument: someone said so but no one can remember why. That is
not acceptable to me. If you can bring a good reason why the default of
scripts that possibly use bash features should be /bin/sh then I will
change the default back.

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