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Re: man postfix

Christian Schwarz wrote:
> Why would we need these postfixes anyways? (They might be necessary
> for X programs, since the X man pages are stored in a different
> locations.)

No, all man programs are smart enough to search all places (they use a
MANPATH more or less derived from the PATH content; our is described in
/etc/manpath.config), so there is no relation between the postfix and
the location of the file.

The reason is name clash. For example tcl has a lot of manpages with the
same name as system function (write, read etc.) and a postfix can be
useful to isolate and concentrate the search (instead of using man -a
and then browse all the manpages with the same name.

Also, when you use man -f (aka whatis) you can see the postfix and use
it to understand more on the page listed.

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