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libc6 too unstable ?

I note from the `Upcoming Debian Releases' posting:
 August 31, 1997 All uploaded packages must depend on libc6.

However, my experience with attempting to install even libc6 runtime
functionality on a libc5-based system was that everything broke
horribly due to incompatible libc versions ending up dynamically
linked into the same binary.  I was going to say see my bug report
number XYZ, but it seems to have gotten lost !  Unfortunately I
submitted it too long ago for my mail logs so I can't track it.  I'll
resubmit it, under the title `libc6 transition and Perl breakage'.

Has this issue been fixed yet ?  I think it is unreasonable to expect
all maintainers to upload libc6 packages when the libc6 environment is
too unstable to use.

Furthermore, I trust that a libc5 upload into unstable, replacing an
older or more buggy libc5 package, will not be rejected merely because
of its libc5-ness ?


PS: I presume you mean `must not depend on libc5' rather than `must
depend on libc6'.

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