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Re: mars_nwe licensing

On Wed, Aug 27, 1997 at 05:01:00PM -0800, Bruce Perens wrote:
> 1. Check the license.
> 2. What's in this SYS:LOGIN directory?
> 3. Can you package it without SYS:LOGIN, and let the user copy that?
> 4. Are you sure we can't duplicate the function of SYS:LOGIN?

The SYS:LOGIN directory contains LOGIN primarily, the tool
to login to the system. Usually also contains SLIST (lists servers),
MAP (map drives), and some other things. I think #3 will be the best
option. As others have pointed out there are some replacements
for those programs but they do not seem to have the standard
Novell interface to the user (judging by the filenames
in the archive, I have not tested them yet) and they may not
be complete, capable of connecting to real Netware, etc.
I will test them asap.

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