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New Upload Queue at ftp.uni-erlangen.de

Some time ago, some German developers (notably Hartmut Koptein) asked
me to set up a new Debian upload queue in Germany, because not
everybody as a good connection to the US, and UK (chiark) is worse
than the states from Germany. Here's the result:

There's a new Debian upload queue now at ftp.uni-erlangen.de. The
purpose is the same as the queue at chiark, i.e. to move files to
master's incoming, but usage is somewhat easier. To use the queue,
simply upload your files via anonymous FTP to


The upload must be a complete Debian upload, as you would put it into
master's incoming, i.e. a .changes files along with the other files
mentioned in the .changes. The queue daemon also checks that the
.changes is correctly PGP-signed by a Debian developer, so that no
bogus files can find their way to master via the queue. Please also
make sure that the Maintainer: field in the .changes contains *your*
e-mail address. The address found there is used for all replies, just
as on master. (IMHO "Maintainer" is kind of a misnomer, "Uploader"
would be better...)

There's no need to move your files into a second directory after the
upload as on chiark. And, in any case, you should get some mail reply
from the queue daemon what happened to your upload. Hopefully it
should have been moved to master, but in case of errors you're
notified, too.

If you want to use the Erlangen queue with dupload, you can use the
following config:

$cfg{erlangen} = {
	fqdn => "ftp.uni-erlangen.de",
	incoming => "/pub/Linux/debian/UploadQueue/",
	mailto => "debian-changes\@lists.debian.org", # stable
	mailtx => "debian-devel-changes\@lists.debian.org",	# unstable, exper.
	# ...mail addr and the like

(to the dupload maintainer: can you add this to the example
dupload.conf sometime?)

And to FTP admins: The queue daemon software is GPLed and should be
available soon under project/misc on any Debian mirror. If you want to
set up other queues in other corners of the world, please feel free to
do so after checking with Bruce or Guy. The daemon is a perl script
and I tried to write it portably, so there are changes you get it
running also on your machine :-) If there are problems, please contact


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