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Re: Work-Needing and Prospective Packages

> Orn E. Hansen :
> o  hextype

Does anyone mind if I take hextype?  I think it's a nice tool for
ex-msdos hackers who move to linux, it gives them a hexdump in a
familiar format.  

I would move it to Extra though, since hexdump(1) from bsdmainutils
can be made to do the same thing.

> Robert Leslie rob@mars.org :
> o  maelstrom

I wanted to take Maelstrom too, but I would not be able to test its
svgalib support at all.  Svgalib does not recognise my SVGA card (S3
Virge).  Maelstrom combines X11 and svgalib support in one binary.
Does anyone know a solution?

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