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Re: Should packages depend on cron?

On Thu, 24 Jul 1997, Steve Greenland wrote:

[should cron depend on anacron?]
> I'm not wildly in favor of it. Lots of people run machines 24/7/365, and
> have no need for anacron, and I hate to make them install it. On the
> other, it would be nice if cron and anacron integrated nicely for those
> who do need it. (I'm in both camps -- machines at work that run all the
> time, home machine get started/stopped.)
> I may have missed the reason anacron has to take over the /etc/cron*
> scripts -- doesn't it just run stuff that hasn't been run as scheduled?
> I guess I need to go read the anacron docs.
[anacron is run at bootup and by the /etc/crontab in case the machine is
left on +24 hours]

What is cron recommended or suggested anacron, and anacron prompts the
user if they want to change the /etc/crontab?  Then the 24/7/365 can use
just cron, but the rest of us have the advantage of, and are reminded that
we should try, anacron.


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