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need volunteers for implementing the consistent kbd cfg

On 21 Jul 1997, Rob Browning wrote:

> John Goerzen <jgoerzen@complete.org> writes:
> > I assume you here are referring to the backspace problem?  I think it
> > wouldn't hurt to either ask Linus to fix it or give him a patch to fix
> > it ourselves.  Anybody here know how to patch the kernel?
> Didn't Ian post a pretty good solution to the problem a while ago?  I
> thought we were going with that.  Or is that what you are talking
> about?

Yes, we will implement that.

I alread had a look at a few major aspects of keyboard configuration. I
had to make some changes to the kernel keytables and worked hard to make
at least `bash' working again as usual. 

Thus, I think we should form a small group of intrested people that are
willing to adapt the packages on their systems. After we have finished to
make all `major' packages work, we should send the necessary changes to
the different maintainers to get them incorporated. Otherwise, I suspect
we'll end up with lots of systems where a few programs are working and
others are not.

I will volunteer to coordinate this effort (unless someone else wants to
do this). I think it would be good to have 3-5 people intrested in this
topic. Best would be, if these people had different "keyboard layouts",
since we'll try to support all of them. I have a `german' keyboard.

So, everyone who's intrested in this please drop me some note. 

(All major `decisions' will be reported to debian-devel before they will
be implemented so that everyone has a chance to object :-)



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