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Re: mount_union (was /etc /usr/etc /usr/local/etc

> On Jul 21, Rick Hawkins wrote
> > which gets to a (non-existant? :) solution to one of my problems.  While
> > using macbsd, I found a "mount_union" operation, which allowed a second
> > file system to be mounted at the same point.  This would seem to be
> > ideal for networks:  mount the server's /usr behind the local, allowing
> > it to be searched if there is not a local file.  do we have an
> > equivalent?
> I vaguely recall an IFS (inheriting file system) patch, that would allow you
> to have e.g. /usr on a CD-ROM, and mount another filesystem read-write on
> top of it, allowing you to add binaries to /usr/bin.

I think amd can do something similar also... but I haven't tried it.


 - Jim

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