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Re: GOAL: Consistent Keyboard Configuration

>>>>> John Goerzen writes:

    John> Just for the record, several problems: * Backspace *still*
    John> doesn't work where it should.  * XEmacs refuses to recognize
    John> Alt as Meta.  * Delete rarely works anywhere.

 Do you have `xkeycaps'?  Try messing with the keysyms some with that.

 I think when X starts up, if no xmodmap is loaded, it takes its
initial keysym values from the tty settings.  So, if you load the
keyboard settings, using the `kbd' package:

# m4 /usr/share/keytables/hypermap.m4 > /etc/kbd/default.map

... for the next boot, and for this time do:

# loadkeys /etc/kbd/default.map

... after you create the default.map file.

 Try that, and see if things are improved any.  I've found that with
that and an "~/.Xmodmap" that sets up <-[Backspace] and [Delete] to
the default keysyms--- using `xkeycaps'--- everything works pretty
much as expected.

 What version of XEmacs are you talking about?

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