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install.txt - slight error

Right near the beginning of the current install.txt, it says:

You must have a 1.2MB or 1.44MB floppy disk drive as the a: drive in
the system upon which you will install Linux. If you have both a 1.2MB
and a 1.44MB drive, you could configure the hardware so that the
1.44MB drive is a:, if this is not too difficult.

Tsk tsk, this isn't true. We really need to push the fact that Debian
can be installed without floppies - either booting from the CD itself
or running the install.bat in the disks-i386/current directory.

Also, why don't we push the fact that all of Debian can be installed
via PPP? I've always thought that this was the coolest feature of
Debian, but never saw it even mentioned anywhere..

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