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On Word Perfect and Debian.

Sorry for responding so late to the people who e-mailed me about this.
I've lost your e-mails so I'm responding to the list, I hope people don't

Their won't be deb's of Word Perfect, mostly because they aren't 
neccesary.  All of Word Perfect for Linux is installed in one directory
tree.  I currently have it under /usr/local/wp.  

It seems to require Motif 2.0, I'm still running on the libs from the
orginal Star Office release, and it seems to work perfectly, except for
some Motif drag and drop things, that causes it to seg fault.  I wasn't
able to get it to install with the graphical install, but the text/console
install worked perfectly to install the whole thing.  It still in beta, so
that's probably expected.  Other than that, it seemed to work smoothly, I
typed in some sample documents, spell checked, grammer checked, sent
e-mail...., many of WP7 for Linux's features and they all worked, smoothly
and decently fast on the 486dx 33mhz that I am using.

IF anyone has any other questions about it, just ask me in private e-mail.



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