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Re: why libbsd-compat.a ?

In article <19970716192811.35174@dungeon.inka.de>,
Andreas Jellinghaus <aj@dungeon.inka.de> wrote:
>why has libc6 libbsd-compat.a ?
>there is no link to libbsd.a ...

libbsd-compat.a != libbsd.a as libc5 used it.

When I was porting stuff to the Alpha, I also ported libbsd from libc5 to
Alpha/Gnu-libc. It should be around somewhere - there still is a
binary-alpha/devel/libbsd_5.2.18-1.deb file on the debian mirrors.

Perhaps libbsd and libbsd-compat should be merged and the diffs sent
back to the GNU libc maintainers. Any volunteers? :)

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