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Re:Re: Policy: font paths.

>>>>>> "delaunay" == delaunay  <delaunay@lix.polytechnique.fr> writes:

 delaunay> 1/ X uses FontPath in XF86Config to locate its fonts.  You have to
 delaunay>    register a new font in fonts.scale file within directory that
 delaunay>    contains the scalable font, then run mkfontdir.

 delaunay> 2/ ghostscript uses a Fontmap file in each font directory, however  I have to
 delaunay>    set GS_LIB to point other than the standard ghostscript font dir.
 delaunay>    IMO this could be fixed in GS init files.

When you install acrobat with Debian's acrobat installer, you will also get
REAL Adobe Times, Helv, Courier, Zaft Dingbats and Symbols. The package which
controls font-path on Debian should take that in to consideration.

Linh Dang                                 Nortel Technology
Member of Scientific Staff                Speech Recognition Software

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