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Re^3: Policy: font paths.

Seem like we're online tonight (at least is night for me...)

[snip snap, read past mails...]

> >What about a sigle place like /usr/share/...? And leave in X11R6 only
> >the real X fonts?
> >
> Not unless you would like to rehash the teTeX database, and reset the variables
> which the kpathsea library uses for fonts searching as well.  That would
> increase the complexity of any such program by an order of magnitude, I think.


I think a fontmanager will have to do that:

o	find the fonts on the system and build a map
o	help the user install/remove fonts
o	create/change the conf.scripts/files needed by some
	programs to recognize the fonts (X/gs/tex/etc...)

If nobody esle is ineterested i will give it a try next week,
but doesn't expect something useable soon (I am packaging some
other stuff, tkstep replacement for tk at now).

If somebody is interested or has some nice idea, please give me
input. Thanx. Ciao.

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