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Free software

Hi folk

Without wanting to raise the anybody's hackles, I'd like to ask this list
what's wrong with a company that wants to contribute it's technology to
Debian, but not destroy any competitive advantage it might have in the

Bear in mind that, as Linux moves into the mainstream, companies are going
to want to protect those advantages.  And users benefit from that because
it effectively means that real money is going into the development of the
"stuff on top of the OS".  Now sure, we don't want to descend back into
the dark ages of UNIX proprietary technology.  But we also want to create
a platform upon which Linux, as an open and freely available system,  can
become a first-class end-users platform as well.

I think Linux is brilliant.  I would be prepared to lobby companies like
Sun and SGI to include Debian as a STANDARD operating system on their
CD's, along with IRIX and Solaris, because I think in the long run a
company like SGI would seriously benefit from adopting Debian as a
platform over SVR4.  We use Linux exclusively,  not because it's cheap,
but because it is the BEST platform for our requirements.

Mark Shuttleworth
Thawte Consulting

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