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Re: doc-base: next proposal for doc policy

>>>>> "Christian" == Christian Schwarz <schwarz@monet.m.isar.de> writes:

    Christian>       - opt. ask the user at installation time if
    Christian> he/she wants to compress all HTML docs (he/she can do
    Christian> created .html.gz files will be removed in the postinst
    Christian> script, automatically.)
    Christian>       - opt. remove all INFO docs /usr/info/*, if the
    Christian> user doesn't want to have these
    Christian>       - opt. remove all INFO-converted HTML docs
    Christian> /usr/doc/*/html-info/*, if the user doesn't want to
    Christian> have these
    Christian>       - the three options above will be asked in the
    Christian> postinst script, unless they are predefined in some
    Christian> /etc/doc.conf configuration file
    Christian> In addition, the doc-base package will include a
    Christian> (short) description of the ideas behind the "Debian
    Christian> Documentation Policy" (the results of this discussion),
    Christian> as well as a description of how to fine-tune his/her
    Christian> web browsers/servers to serve .html.gz files, etc.
Of course.
    Christian> All GNU texinfo manuals, as well as all other formats
    Christian> that can be converted into PostScript files, should be
    Christian> individually, or all together, read them online, etc.
Good idea.

    Christian> Any comments? (I'm sure ;-)

 I think that Apache, with a "/usr/doc/.htaccess" exploiting
mod_rewrite and mod_handler running from `inetd' could be put to good
use.  We could have compressed .html uncompressed as it is served, and
the rewriting can handle the mapping of .html to .html.gz or
http://www.debian.org/(multiplex like cpan does?)/doc/blah.html

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