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Re: Proposal: /etc /usr/etc /usr/local/etc

> 1. Moving various files to /usr/etc (the Simple Solution)

Has problems because some machines may want to modify those files even
though they are mounted read-only.

My opinion: not acceptable

> 2. Having symlinks in /etc pointing to /usr/etc (the Symlink Solution)

Works in all cases and requires minimal maintainer effort.

Dpkg must support this cleanly before becoming common practice.  I
don't know if it does already, but at least that is only one package
to modify.

My opinion: best solution

> 3. Making the programs in Debian first seek for conffile in /etc, then
>    in /usr/etc (Yann's Solution)
> 3.a Write a function which will do it (Yann's Solution 1)
> 3.b Write a driver that will do it (Yann't Solution 2)

Nice, "pretty" solution.

Let's face it, though.  There is no way we're going to get 200+ maintainers
to go in and modify every package they maintain to use this function.

My opinion: won't happen so forget it

> 4. Using [.. the transname stuff..] to mount remote /etc (the Remote /etc
> Solution)

Interesting, but has added complexity and some problems.

My opinion: will cause more problems than it fixes

> 0. Putting all config files in /etc (the Very Simple Solution)

Works, but makes some sysadmin work a little more difficult.

My opinion: second choice

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