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libcgi-*perl. Perl, and diversions.

Hi folks,

	I used to be the maintainer of the obsolete CGI-modules
 package. That package was made obsolete because it also contained
 CGI.pm, and was the sole upper case package, and I was getting tired
 of massaging dpkg-dev to construct the package. And the new Perl
 contains CGI.pm.

	However, the new Perl does not contain the modular CGI modules
 (which, according to the author, are the choices for the future, but
 at the moment CGI.pm is the rapid prototype so is updated more
 frequently), so at least the CGI modules are still required, so I
 packaged them up as libcgi-perl.

	Working on the premise that CGI.pm will be updated more
 frequently than Perl itself, as it has in the past, I also packaged
 up CGI.pm as libcgi-pm-perl. 

	The problem that exists now is that there are files in common
 between the three packages, namely, perl, libcgi-perl, and

	In order to not wipe out the new files in libcgi-* modules
 when when upgrades Perl, I would like to divert the files installed
 by perl away (I guess this means the libcgi-* packages had better be
 kept up to date).

	Is this a reasonable thing to do? Are there any better
 methods? can two different packages divert the same file? Since only
 some library files and man pages are common, I did not think that
 update-alternatives was reasonable.

	The other option is to remove libcgi-pm-perl, since that is
 subsumed into Perl (ignoring intermediate releases), and just have
 libcgi-perl divert Carp.pm (and the corresponding man page).



                  Perl    libcgi-pm-perl     libcgi-perl
Apache.pm          X          X
Carp.pm            X          X                  X
Fast.pm            X          X
Push.pm            X          X
Switch.pm          X          X
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