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Re: Status of Debian Policy


	Most packages on CPAN come with Makefile.PL files to simplify
 installation. The Makefile.pl is converted into a conventional
 Makefile using Perl, and the configured default variables (customized
 for Debian systems already). 

	It is not hard to use these Makefile.PLs in a debian/rules
 file; in fact, the only lines required to configure the module to
 local (Debian) conventions, and to install the modules and manual
 pages to the proper places are the following lines in debian/rules (I
 split off a configure target, but you may combine the whole thing
 under build):
	perl Makefile.PL && touch stamp-configure

	$(MAKE)  PREFIX=$(thisdir)/debian/tmp/usr \
                 INSTALLDIRS=perl \
                 INSTALLMAN1DIR=$(thisdir)/debian/tmp/usr/man/man1 \
                 INSTALLMAN3DIR=$(thisdir)/debian/tmp/usr/man/man3 \

	That's all that is needed to install the CPAN module: this is
 simplicity itself. 

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