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glibc release for sparc

  I'm ready to release an experimental glibc-2 package for Debian/SPARC based
on development snapshots, not 2.0 sources from Debian.
I built a full package (sources + binaries).  I named it libc6 but tagged it
by a release number that include date (2.0.90-970629-1) to be able to release
new snapshots that don't upgrade library revision number.  I hope this is the
right way.

First upload of an unstable package have to be done to experimental, right?
However, this package is required to start to port other packages to libc6, so
I'd rather like an upload to unstable.  Can you agree?

Thanks in advance.

PS: I compiled pgp for sparc and generated a 1024-bit key but I don't know how
  to register it to Debian upload system to be able to sign my uploads.  Do
  you have any pointers?

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