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problem with xconsole, named pipes

I have the following problem that I haven't been able to track down.
Basically, it is that xconsole stops working after some time (less
than an hour?).  I have some reason to believe that it is related to
a problem with the named pipe it uses (/dev/xconsole).  I don't know
if this is a kernel problem with named pipes or if this is a bug in
syslogd.  I have syslogd configured to send all messages to xconsole:

*.*	|/dev/xconsole 

xconsole is started like this:

xconsole -geometry 800 -notify -verbose -fn 7x13 -exitOnFail \
	-file /dev/xconsole

The reason I think it might have something to do with the pipe is that
I also occasionally get an error in syslog from dctrl (the diald
control program for X) that there is an error writing to the pipe it
uses to communicate to diald.

I don't know what's up.  Maybe this is a know problem?  If so, is
there a fix?  If not, any ideas?

I an running Debian (current with hamm), the pre2.0.31-2 kernel, and
xconsole (xbase 3.3-3), and syslogd 1.3-17

Thanks for any help,
Erv Walter

Graduate Student				edwalter@iname.com
Department of Chemistry			      walter@chem.wisc.edu
Univ of Wisconsin-Madison		edwalter@students.wisc.edu
       <PGP Public Key: finger walter@fozzie.chem.wisc.edu>

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