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Re: On compilers, VM's, etc. (Was: Next app.: Doc. Policy)

David Frey writes:
 > --------
 > On Mon, Jun 30 1997 23:41 +0200 Yann Dirson writes:
 > > OK, it's time for me to expose some theory of mine. Note that it has a
 > > mainly theoretical idea, and that the ways I propose to apply it WILL
 > > (eventually) displease some of you. Please just try to get the basic
 > > ideas, and comment...
 > [about converters]
 > Interesting ideas, but they remind me of C++-Newspeak... :)
 > (especially the c-to-i860Opcode-converter == compiler)

Sorry, I don't know about it. Do you have pointers to some doc ?

 > If I understood you correctly, you want a Doc-{Depends,Recommends,...}-Field,
 > in analogy to Source-{Depends,Recommends,...} which several people already
 > proposed.

Not at all. I advocate independant packages for doc, source-code and
binary, that would contain homogeneous file-formats. Thus a "source"
package would "Depend" on other packages (source or binary), just in
the same way binary-pacakges do; and doc packages would just do the

Yann Dirson <dirson@univ-mlv.fr>

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