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Re: Next approach: Documentation Policy

> So what about this:
>   - we ship precompiled HTML files _and_ texinfo source code

As long as all this sits under different directory trees, then eventually
tools will allow you to exclude different types of documentation from
being installed.

Perhaps /usr/html and /usr/texi to go with /usr/man and /usr/info?

Perhaps one day, personal http servers will be command then even the
HTML can be generated on the fly.

>   - /usr/info/*.info files are generated on request, only

Prehaps do it automatically if the "info-doc" package is installed.

>   - PostScript files can be compiled on request (requires some packages,
> though) or can be downloaded from a ftp server

If there is a standard set of guidelines for how to do this, then
there can be a "ps-doc" package (or something) that provides root
makefiles and depends upon the appropriate packages to work.

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