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Re: Next approach: Documentation Policy

On Thu, 3 Jul 1997, Fernando wrote:

> No. I'm not kidding. I said "man" (the program), not "manpages".
> Manpages can be viewed through man2html, which is _faster_ than groff.
> Besides, I've been told that the next release of elvis will include
> a man page formatter which will not depend on groff. Groff should be
> optional. It is not necesary, and it's big and slow.
> When the user types "man whatever" he could be presented with the HTML
> converted man page directly (HTML is the preferred online format, isn't it?)

Two comments:

1.  The current release of elvis (the one in the debian package) contains
a man page formatter.  Also an html browser.

2.  I hope that whatever the user is presented with when he types
"man something" acts like the current man program.  I well
remember my constarnation when some smart-aleckey too-smart
man program dropped me into info when I'd typed "man something".
I had never heard of info files at the time, knew nothing of
emacs keystrokes, and was pretty confused.  As I recall, I
had to go get help to find out how to exit the damn thing.

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