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My laptop went crazy...

My Linux laptop really went crazy tonight... does anybody know
what happened? Let me explain...

After dinner I put it to sleep (as always I do) and I watched
a good horror on TV. Then I waked it up and launched the PPP
connection. Hu? No connection. Well, lesee, open an xterm and
type lsmod to see if the PPP stuff is there... the xterm exits!
Open another xterm and type "dir"... the xterm exits!

Grunt! I shout down the x session with alt+ctrl+backspace
only to have xdm stert the X server black & white (ususally 16bpp),
then to start it again and again and again...

Orjh! Switch to console and enter as root to kill xdm process.
Nothing... every command simply logs me out and I have to
re-log in only to be kicked out again at the first command.

OK... ctrl+alt+del and reboot it. lisa (my computer) answer with

	INIT: No more processes at this runlevel

ctrl+alt+del again does not reboot bu print the same message.

At the end I switched it off and then on (wait 10m to check
fs non proprely unmounted) and now everything goes fine but...


C U 

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