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Re: policy for window managers


	Sorry, I think this is close to being necesary, until we move
 to the new database way of doing things . Either we have the all
 singing, all dancing no questions install methods in place, or we
 stick to the old policy; I would much rather have the programs try to
 be co-operative and add themselves to the file (asking questions as
 needed) now, rather than have them broken till the new method is in

	I realize you are enthusiatic about the new-but-as-yet-unimplemented
 method, but that is no reason that the programs be held to a
 different standard yet.

	In fact, I would rather the policy be changed *first*, since
 that is done only after reasonable discourse, and not have
 maintainers popping up and asking that policy-to-be be implemented
 right now (espescially since the policy is still quite hazy). 


>>"Andreas" == Andreas Jellinghaus <aj@dungeon.inka.de> writes:

Andreas> On Jun 30, Joey Hess wrote
>> I think olvwm's behavior is the best of the lot, since it gives the
>> sysadmin a choice (and only asks once, not during upgrades, which
>> is also very good behavior). I wonder if it'd be a good idea for
>> one of the X packages to include a register-window-manager script
>> that could be called from the postinst's to handle this, so all
>> window managers functioned exactly alike?

Andreas> i don't think so. this will be additional programs that will
Andreas> stop during installation, and no program should stop during
Andreas> installation if it isn't absolut neccessary.

Andreas> better ways : add a xdmconfig script, that brings up a dialog
Andreas> with all instaleld windown managers and let's the admin chose
Andreas> a default one. find a better chooser, that will let the user
Andreas> choose his favorite window manager.

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