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Re: Documentation Policy

[Sorry, Alex, I wanted to send this to you _and_ the mailing list in the
first time. So here it's again.]

On Tue, 24 Jun 1997, Christian Schwarz wrote:

Hi folks!
Please let me quote from my last mail, first:
> My prediction is that while a few people will like option 3) very much,
> it will be unacceptable by a few others.

(This is exactly our current situation :-)

So, I suggest now to choose

  Option 2: Put HTML and GNU info manuals into one package.

      -  Not much additional work for maintainers.
      -  Only few new packages (see below).

     (-) Waste of disk space: everyone has to install both formats.
      -  Waste of bandwith: you have to download both formats all the

As I said before, the first disadvantage will disappear with the
availability of deity, which is expected for Debian 2.0. The second
disadvantage is also not that much important, since the info files only 
need 12814 kbytes. 

I expect that everyone here could live with this solution.

There are two things left to discuss:

1. We'll use deity's selection criteria to remove files that match certain
patterns. Thus, it would be good if all info-converted HTML files are
placed in directories with specific names, so they can easily be removed.
For example, if all info-converted HTML files are installed in


we could use this expression to tell deity not to install these files if
one prefers GNU info. (Otherwise, it's hard to remove only HTML files,
where info files are available.)

2. In the current policy manual, it reads

    ``If a package comes with large amounts of documentation which many
users of the package will not require you should create a separate binary
package to contain it, so that it does not take up disk space on the
machines of users who do not need or want it installed.''

I think this is quite reasonable and should be kept that way. However,
we'll have to specify a limit to make it easier for the maintainers. What
about 500k?



P.S.: Please consider the amount of traffic we produce with this "silly"
discussion that is only about 12mb info/html docs in comparison to the
whole Debian archive :-)

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