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Re: Experiences with compiling Debian

> If my server is gonna be a "build server", I'd *very* much prefer a
> modified dpkg-dev that allows for non-root package builds.
> (in fakt so much, that I may be tempted to write it myself. You
> don't need that many changes).

AFAICS, the only thing needed to be done as root is the install/chown
stuff, right? I see two possibilities for this: Either put in the file
owner information into the tar archive directly afterwards (this can
be done as a post-processing to the proper tar, and is rather easy
[1]), or provide special suid versions of install/chown/... (as
needed) just for the install process. These special binaries should be
available only for debian/rules, and can check the paths of the files
given so that debian/rules can't change owners of arbitrary files,
only those under some debian/tmp dir. Ok, I see there are possibly
many holes in this scheme... :-( But for the first possibility the
problem is how to pass the owner information to the entity the
modifies the tar archive...


[1]: For some other application, I've once written such a
tar-post-processor that changes certain path patterns in the tar
archive. It was really easy, the tar format is simple enough...

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