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Re: Experiences with compiling Debian

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Mark Baker:
> Mostly just what make always does. To disable it use the -s (or --silent or
> --quiet) option to make: you can set the MAKEFLAGS environment variable.
> There's also some other output from dpkg-buildpackage, I don't know whether
> that can be disabled or not.

debstd is also quite verbose, as are a number of other commands
during the build. But shutting up make and debstd would go a long
way to fixing the verbosity.

> > - idea: developers upload source only, central machine(s) build
> >   .debs, so that everything uses the same libs, etc
> Not when, as at present, all of debian/rules has to be run as root.

Only the "binary" target, if you want to be strict (though that's
enough, of course). Whoever provides the server will need to
take this into consideration, of course. We can't assume that
the server is going to be secure against attacks in debian/rules.

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