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Re: Info or HTML: which should be the default, which in a separate package?


On Sat, 21 Jun 1997, Lars Wirzenius wrote:
> There's no reason why HTML should be much bigger than Info. I assume
> you used uncompressed HTML. There's no inherent reason why HTML can't
> be compressed; the only reason it isn't is that links break, but that
> is fixable. dwww already fixes it by giving you foo.html.gz if it exists,
> and foo.html doesn't exist. (That conversion doesn't help if you don't
> browse via dwww, but that's a minor blemish. We need a tool to fix the
> HTML files, but dwww's fix makes it less urgent.)

Except for those of us who don't want DWWW, don't want a web server, but
do want to browse HTML under lynx.  Then the links break if you compress
it.  But as I've stated earlier, I'd much rather have the info.

> > Make it an option to add html docs, but don't make it compulsory.
> HTML docs must be compulsory, because info2www is not an acceptable
> alternative.

Yes, but info is.  I have no desire to clutter my drives with useless html
versions of stuff info works for.

> >   Scott>  Okay, show me how to search a HTML version of the bash info
> >   Scott> documentation for a concept and I'll believe you.
> Searching in HTML requires a separate program, which we don't yet
> have. That's one place where Info is better. For now. (When we get
> a search engine for dwww, it will be able to search through all
> documentation, not just a single document. But it will be quite some
> time until we get it, I think.)

Exactly, the tool doesn't exist.  Therefore HTML is less functional than
info.  I will be unhappy if you take my info away from me without
providing the functionality elsewhere.  And I'm not convinced an HTML
search engine is the solution, that requires cluttering my drive up with
cache files for the engine.

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