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Re: checker libs with debugging symbols

Michael Meskes <meskes@topsystem.de> writes:
> What have libc*-dev, gdb, gcc etc. in common with debugging symbols in
> checkerlibs?
> When I debug my program it suffices to me to know the problem came in
> the call to gets() for instance. I'm not interested in seeing more
> details, simply because I expect the library to be okay. Usually I
> expect a bug in my software before I consider a buggy libc.
> But if the common feeling is to not do that I can still strip the
> libararies myself, you're right. But it'll have to be strip
> /usr/i486-linuxchecker/lib/* :-)
> Anyway, with your arguments you could as well ask for libc-dbg to be
> fold into libc-dev again as it was earlier on.

Look, it already takes over an hour to compile the checker package and
about 300MB of disk space.  Then it takes a couple hours to upload the
thing.  And sometimes I find myself doing this multiple times per
week.  If I made another version of the package, without debugging
symbols on the libraries, it would double the time-and-space effort.
I'm *not* going to do this without a good reason.  And yours is *not*
a good enough reason, to double the effort just so someone can avoid
typing `sudo strip /usr/i486-linuxchecker/lib/*'.  Checker is for
debugging, and if you really want to do debugging, you need those

Like I said before, it's not The Right Thing To Do.

I am happy, however, to find that my package is popular enough to
spark controversy. :-)
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