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Re: Looking for New Maintainers

Some time ago this message showed up on my mailbox... If nobody
has yes taken it, I will be glad to take over wwwoffle and boa
as my first debian packages... (I use them a lot :)


> I am listed as the maintainer of the following packages in the distribution.
> These are available for other maintainers. I would especially welcome if
> someone who wants to become a debian developer would take a package or two.
> All packages have been done using debmake and should be easy to handle.
> Some of these packages have had others volunteering to take over the package
> in the past but they have not uploaded any new version and I am still listed
> as the maintainer in the packages file. If you want to take one of those you
> need to first try to contact the person listed.
> ncsa		NCSA Webserver
> wwwoffle	Web Proxy for Offline Browsing
> boa		Fast Webserver

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