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Re: locale errors

pfaffben@pilot.msu.edu (Ben Pfaff)  wrote on 17.06.97 in <87iuzcam48.fsf@pilot.msu.edu>:

> kai@khms.westfalen.de (Kai Henningsen) writes:
> > meskes@topsystem.de (Michael Meskes)  wrote on 17.06.97 in
> > <c=DE%a=_%p=topsystem%l=EINSTEIN-970617110158Z-203@einstein.topsystem.de>:
> >
> > > No! You cannot use libc5 compiled perl with glibc locales! Wait for a
> > > libc6 version of perl and everything should be fine again.
> >
> > This is, of course, a problem nearly as serious as that about utmp.
> Not really.  This is an issue only with `unstable' (as far as I can
> tell from the discussion), and `unstable' means exactly
> that--everything might not work properly.

What has that to do with anything?

The only difference between the utmp and the locale problem is that the  
utmp problem hits everyone using libc5-compiled stuff on a system with  
libc6, whereas the locale problem hits only those people that also live  
outside the USA and actually use some locale settings.

Both problems are only in unstable, because both have the same reason:  
libc6 on-disk data structures differing from libc5 ones.

MfG Kai

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